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At the Buckingham Center, we offer the full line of PCA Skin Clinical Care Products and PCA Men products, as well as PCA Professional TCA peels. Available exclusively through physicians and licensed professionals, PCA skin care products are specially formulated with all-natural ingredients to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Because they are made without color additives, synthetic fragrances, harsh alcohols, comedogenic oils or other known sensitizers, PCA home care products deliver exceptional results without irritation. Used on a daily basis, this skincare line can dramatically improve skin health, producing a glowing and more radiant complexion, even in individuals with acne, rosacea, sun damage and aging skin. Products include cleansers, toners, sunscreen moisturizers, nighttime moisturizers, vitamin C topicals, pigment control products, acne and blemish control, masks and exfoliants, and advanced treatment products designed for dehydrated skin, aging skin, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Products are available in both full- and trial-size systems.


Traditional chemical peels are often associated with discomfort and extensive recoveries. PCA has designed chemical peels which have been formulated to produce dramatic results without the discomfort and downtime associated with other facial peels. The result is smoother, more radiant skin and a rejuvenated appearance.

The Ultra Peel I Exfoliating Treatment is an ideal treatment for mature, dehydrated skin. It can improve smokers skin, pigment disorders, sun damage and acne. This peel is appropriate for many skin types and conditions and is particularly beneficial in treating sensitive skin because only a mild tingling sensation occurs with treatment. Depending on the amount of layers applied, this peel can produce a moderate to aggressive level of exfoliation, producing plumper, softer, more hydrated skin. The Sensi Peel Exfoliating Treatment is a gentle peel designed for ethnic skin and other sensitive skin types. This peel can improve sun damage and other hyperpigmentation problems, and it can also significantly improve the redness and inflammation associated with rosacea. The Sensi Peel strengthens and brightens the skin while providing anti- inflammatory, anti-acne and antibacterial action.

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PCA Peel Q&A

Find answers to PCA questions in Dr. Buckingham’s Q&A.

Frequently Asked PCA Peel Questions

Q – What is a chemical peel and who is a good candidate for a chemical peel?
Chemical peels come in many different varieties and can treat many different conditions. We offer a full range of chemical peels from PCA skin products to treat different skin concerns as well as a full strength physicians peel which requires anesthesia. The PCA peels are performed in the office by our trained staff and usually have very limited recovery time. The physicians peel is often performed with other surgical procedures and while it produces fabulous results for facial lines, pigmented spots and other age related changes, it also requires 14 days of recovery. Because of the variety of chemical peels we offer many patients can benefit.

Q – What is the difference between the kind of chemical peels that you perform and an aesthetician performs?
The chemical peels that an aesthetician performs are light in nature and are by law only allowed to affect the epidermis. While a series of these peels can be very beneficial to the skins tone and texture they cannot provide the degree of improvement that a peel performed by Dr. Buckingham can achieve. That is a peel that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. We do however offer a full range and depth of chemical peels at our office.

Q – Where is the chemical peel performed?
The lighter PCA chemical peels are performed in the office. The deeper, surgeons strength peels are usually performed in an accredited ambulatory surgery center, however on occasion peels limited to the mouth and lip region are performed in the office.

Q – What type of anesthesia is used for a chemical peel?
Only the deeper chemical peels require anesthesia. When anesthesia is utilized the procedure is performed in an ambulatory surgery center and intravenous anesthesia a.k.a monitored anesthesia care is utilized.

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